2016 Legislative Report–Week 2, Jan 15 – Jan 19

The committees have basically finished the rules review and are now considering legislative bills.

Rule docket 11-0501-1401 governing Alcohol Beverage Control was rejected by the House Judiciary and Rules Committee.  You can see this rule here.

Several Tax bills were reported out of the Revenue and Taxation Committee:

H344 relating to property tax
H 345 relating to forest land tax appeals
H 347 relating to exempting certain hand tools from sales tax
H 348 relating to imposing sales tax on Paddle boat purchases by out of state residents.

These, and all bills, can be viewed at the legislature’s Bill Center.

To see other laws, rules, bills, and other legislative activity you can go here: http://legislature.idaho.gov.

If you would like to know my positions on any of these items or issues as they currently stand please contact me here.