2016 Legislature Report—Week 5, February 8 to February 12

Some things I participated in this week:

H 417 is the reauthorization of the Idaho Rural Partnership Act.  As the sponsor, I presented H 417 to the House Agriculture Committee this week and was the House floor sponsor where it passed by a vote of 68-1-1.  The Idaho Rural Partnership has a mission to join diverse public and private resources in innovative collaborations that strengthen communities and improve life in rural Idaho.  I will now be presenting the bill to the Senate Agriculture Committee on February 23.

H 469 Amends S 1073 from last year.  The bill passed last year allows and sets standards for noxious weed research conducted in Idaho.  I helped add significant amendments to S 1073 last year and my bill this year, H 469 adds a private laboratory definition to the law.  This bill will be considered in the House Agriculture Committee on February 22.

H 383 repealing a law relating to the Aquaculture Commission passed 66-0-4

Revenue and Taxation
H 357 amends existing law to allow a certain income tax credit for a charitable contribution to the Idaho STEM Action Center.  It passed the House 66-4-0.

House Floor
H 446 a supplemental appropriation for the Department of Water Resources passed by a vote of 47-20-1.  I opposed this bill that seemed to be a money shell game transfer of funds from one agency of state government to another.

HCR 34 recognizing water fluoridation as a public achievement passed 46-19-5 over my objection.

On February 11, 2016 we had a special program to celebrate President Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, whose birthday is being celebrated this week.  President Lincoln also signed the bill creating Idaho Territory in 1863.