2016 Legislature Report—Week 6, February 15 to February 19

Activities this week:

Revenue and Taxation Committee

H 449 that will allow sale of food items by Girl Scout and Boy Scout organizations to be exempt from sales tax was voted out of the House Committee and passed the House 34-31-4.

H 474 that will require non-school taxing districts that elect to take a foregone property tax increase to hold a hearing in conjunction with their annual budget hearing was voted out of the House Committee and passed the House 67-0-3.

A Resolution was introduces recognizing Idaho Power Company for 100 years of service to the citizens of Idaho.

Agriculture Committee

H 524 dealing with the torture of companion animals was introduced in the committee

H 525 concerning dangerous dogs was introduced in the committee.

Some House Floor Action

S 1213 repealing the pesticide management Commission which I supported was approved by the House Agriculture Committee and passed the House 69-0-1.

The House conducted a memorial program in the honor of former members of the Idaho House of Representatives who passed away during the year 2015; Thomas G Boyd, Milton E. Erhart, Kathleen W. “Kitty Gurnsey, Frank N. Henderson and Steven L Herndon.

HJM 13 states findings of the Legislature regarding Sage-grouse; providing no state money will be used to implement the recent federal land use plan.

HCR 33 authorizes the appointment of a committee to conduct a study of the public school funding formula and conduct recommendations.

H 447 limits access to records regarding proposed or existing critical infrastructure held by public agencies. Passed the House 63-4-3

H 461 that I managed on the floor, provides mechanism for increased funding for the Courts passed the House 68-1-1

H 463 prohibiting local governments from raising the minimum wage passed 55-14-1