2017 Week 2 Legislative Report, January 9 to January 13

The 64th Idaho Legislature opened on January 9th. The Legislature listened to the State of the State address by Govern Otter.  His primary focus was on education funding which I basically support.  The governor proposed limited tax relief.  I believe we should do more and will be involved in discussions regarding this issue.


Barbara Morgan, Idaho’s teacher astronaut, received the first Medal of Achievement award from the Governor.

Administrative Rules Review

This week was a preparation week for one of the most important annual functions of the legislature; review of the administrative rules of the Idaho State agencies.  The Constitutional Amendment passed by the citizens of Idaho in 2016 ensured this is an important part of the future legislative proces.  I would appreciate comments from the citizens of District 21 regarding any of the rules that will be under consideration this year.  My committees include rules from the State Tax Commission, the Agriculture Department and the Courts.  A copy of the rules can be found at https://adminrules.idaho.gov/rules/proposed_rules.html.

This week I received the Ag All Star Award from the Food Producers of Idaho again this year.  This award is given to legislators who have supported Idaho agriculture during the previous year.

The Idaho Legislature has a new web site.  You can follow what the legislature has done in past sessions as well as follow what is happening in the current session both in the committees as well as on the floor of the House and Senate.  Please take the opportunity to visit and explore at www.legislature.idaho.gov.

We have the pleasure of welcoming Michele Jarvis as our attaché again this year.  She has been helping legislators for the past few years and will be a welcome help to us again.  Her service is invaluable!