2nd Amendment Update

As one who over the years has spent much time in various forums working to preserve our 2nd Amendment right, I am encouraged by the number of District 21 individuals who have contacted me this year supporting action to protect this essential Constitutional right.

During the 2013 Session the following bills I supported passed the House and Senate and were signed by the Governor:  H 183 – removes from cities the authority to regulate, prevent and punish carrying a concealed weapon; H 193 – Enhances concealed carry license process thus expanding the states who recognize an Idaho permit; H 223 – clarifies the definitions for concealed carry permits; H 258 – requires a sheriff to give a copy of records check results to applicants.

Other bills I supported passed the House but were not considered in the Senate:  H 280 – Provided firearms, accessories and ammunition made in Idaho would not be subject to the federal commerce clause; H 219 – would have protected Idaho law enforcement officers from being directed to violate their oath of office under federal orders, laws rules or regulations enacted after Jan 1, 2013.


I congratulate each gun owner because you are an essential part of our community!.  I will continue to work with other Idaho legislators to formulate Idaho responses to any initiative that would restrict our important right to keep and bear arms.   Again, thanks to all for being involved.  Please continue to do so.

Please review the 2013 legislative actions at www.idaho.legislature.gov.  Your comments are always welcome on any issue at www.tomdayley21b.com  or tdayley@house.idaho.gov