Daylight Savings Time

To review this issue again. Under current federal law, states have the ability to opt out of participating in daylight saving time. This means by legislative action, the clocks in Idaho would stay on the same time year round. In other words, the citizens of Idaho would not be required to adjusts clocks forward in the spring or backward in the fall of each year.

As reported on this site last year, several individuals in District 21expressed interested in having Idaho opt out of Daylight Savings Time. During the year, additional individuals came forward supporting this idea. As a result, HB 559 was printed in February 2014 and referred to the House State Affairs Committee on February 27. After the bill was printed there was some discussion about how it was written and several suggestions were made for changes. As it was late in the session, we will be continuing to receive comments and try to address some of the issues and see if this idea can be moved forward next year.

You can find the text of the bill on the legislative web site at legislation/2014/h0559. Please review the text and give me the benefit of your views.