Representative Dayley has shown he has the background, integrity, and deep commitment it takes to be an effective legislator.Scott Bedke, Speaker of the House
I can always count on Tom to combine detailed research with his reliably conservative values, deep knowledge, and vast experience to benefit his constituents and IdahoMike Moyle, House Majority Leader
Tom’s attitude and personality make him an effective representative of his constituents and a productive force with his fellow legislators.Brent Crane, House Assistant Majority Leader
It is exciting to continue working as a citizen legislator with my neighbor, Tom Dayley, on the vitally important conservative Idaho issues.John Vanderwoude, House Caucus Chairman
I’ve known Tom since I was a young man and know him to be a man of integrity and conviction. I fully support his involvement in public service and, given my own love of the state of Idaho, know that his service will result in a net benefit for the district and state as a whole.Mark G.
Wow! It is great that you are running for the Legislature. You have a great family and your years of service in Washington D.C. under Reagan are a great benefit. You can count on me for support. I will also spread the word.Ron C.
My wife and I have known Tom Dayley personally for 35 years and we don’t know anyone of higher integrity. He is a man of sterling character, absolutely honest and dedicated to public service.Hal and Daryl H.
I have known Tom for many years. We were neighbors in Virginia when Tom was working for the people of the United States there. Tom is honest, open, and will make a great representative. Run Tom Run.Jon P.
I have interacted with Tom over many years in many of the leadership positions he has held. He is a very proficient leader and extremely knowledgeable on all levels of the political process. I own two companies and am very concerned about the direction we are going.John T.
I have known Tom Dayley for more than 20 years. He is smart, kind and a solid conservative, and will do a fantastic job as your state legislator!Jeff S.
I want Idaho voters to know that you are the best. They are voting for integrity, experience, knowledge, and a man who would represent their best interests– a man who knows how to accomplish those goals. We met Tom and Cathy in Virginia when Tom worked for various congressional people from Idaho. I worked for a small business and needed an answer from Congress. Tom procured it.Carol M.

Organization Endorsements

Idaho Prosperity Fund: Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry
Agriculture Natural Resources Industry Political Action Committee
Idaho Bankers Association
Idaho Association of General Contractors
Idaho Power Company
Blue Cross of Idaho