Idaho Education Statistics

Idaho Education Statistics

It is helpful to compare Idaho education with other states, particularly as we make the difficult choice on how to use our limited resources.

According to the Report Card of American Education Idaho:

• Is 29th overall – outperforming Oregon, Utah, California and Arizona. • Is graded B- in Education Policy; only six states have a higher grade. • Ranks 28th in fourth grade reading proficiency.
• Is 19th in eighth grade reading proficiency.

• Receives 11th place in eighth grade math.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress shows Idaho:

  • Eighth grade student reading proficiency is only 10% below number one Massachusetts.
  • Massachusetts spends $113,920 per student by the end of eighth grade while Idaho spends $68,200.
  • D.C. eighth grade reading proficiency is only 1% above Idaho students, but spends 2 1⁄2 times per student.Idaho Legislative Services Office research found that: Idaho is 16thnationwide on the ACT test.