Idaho Health Exchange as part of PPACA, “Obamacare”

The legislation, H 248, that created an Idaho State Health exchange, passed the legislature (even though I voted against it) and was signed by the Governor.


I joined with other members of the House and proposed changes to S 1042, the governors’ original bill to create an Idaho State Health Exchange. Some of these changes were included in the final bill, H 248: requires public and legislative board members; prohibits the collection of firearm information; requires the exchange to employ Idahoans; declares if any portion of PPACA, “Obamacare” is declared unconstitutional by any federal judge, Idaho will stop implementing that provision.


However, several important concerns were not addressed in H 248. For example, a firm statement regarding the protection of life was not included.  Also, PPACA language such as “in conjunction with states”, “as states may regulate”, “state established”, “licensed under state law”, “no preemption of state law”, created significant opportunities for Idaho to push-back against “Obamacare” more than was done in H 248.   My vote against H 248 was a choice to make a statement for the unborn, to support Idaho taxpayers as well as to support using the language of PPACA to challenge its implementation in Idaho.

Idaho has actively resisted federal actions to limit or override state sovereignty. The so-called Affordable Health Care Act or “Obama Care,” despised by most Idahoans, is an example of federal infringement into state sovereignty. I voted against H 248 and will continue to resist implementation of this law and support its repeal.


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