After extensive personal evaluation it appears to me Medicaid expansion will:

  1. Commit substantial increases in State spending in future years.
  2. Decrease available funds for other needs such as education, transportation, law enforcement.
  3. Add extensive costs to Idaho taxpayers.
  4. Impose additional federal requirements to current as well as new Idaho Medicaid participants.
  5. Provide no mechanism to lower health care costs.
  6. Leave some Idahoans uninsured as well as ineligible for Medicaid participation.
  7. Not elimination the need for Idaho programs such as the indigent or CAT funds.
  8. Contain no mechanism to lower property taxes.
  9. Increase the Federal deficit.
  10. Not increase Medicaid dollars available to other states.

I would appreciate having the benefit of your views on this issue before it is brought to a vote in 2014.  or