My mission as a representative of District 21B will be to preserve the sovereignty of the people and search for ways to maintain this country as the shining city on a hill described by President Ronald Reagan. To accomplish that, I need to hear from you!

I believe that the smartest people in the world ask questions. I will continue asking those I represent how I can help them meet their individual and community needs, and for their ideas regarding the proper role of government.

I pledge to support the principles and values of our Founding Fathers. We must measure decisions through the prism of the Constitution, preserving the rights of the people and the restrictions on government. As this happens, it is important to confirm family values, focus government on essential constitutionally-based actions, and promote economic strength through private enterprise.

I look forward to assisting Idahoans as we continue to make decisions that will help us avoid being a slave to Washington, D.C. My hope is that at the end of my service to the people of District 21, my constituents will be able to say to me, as President Ronald Reagan said to me at the end of my service in his administration, “you have truly made a difference in the daily lives of your fellow citizens.”

Ronald Reagan letter

A letter written to Tom Dayley by Ronald Reagan in early 1989.