I believe, as Ronald Reagan stated, “We must understand there’s much work before us; to gain control again of government, to reward personal initiative and risk-taking in the marketplace, to revitalize our system of federalism, to strengthen the private institutions that make up the independent sector of our society, and to make our own spiritual affirmation in the face of those who would deny man has a place before God.”   I give my own personal spiritual affirmation to support these principles.

My hope for this country is bright because I have faith in the God that “held it in reserve” (Alexis de Tocqueville). This remains true in spite of the challenges facing us at this time.

I support individual Idahoans’ acceptance of the responsibility to maintain our system of government. I ask that we expand our quiet individual acts of service that bring good news to our communities, our neighborhoods, and our families. This is done by individuals willingly lending a hand to those who need a little help. As this happens, we exponentially lift and inspire the human spirit without waiting for the only good news to come from government.

I sustain the words of Thomas Jefferson… “the pillars of our prosperity are the most thriving when left free to individual enterprise.”