Issue Updates from the 2016 Session

Education The legislature began on January 11, 2016. The strengthening economy allowed the Legislature to address areas of vital interest to Idahoans such as the state’s public education system. Public schools received its second consecutive 7.4% increase in funding. The K-12 budget was increased by 7.4% and higher education received an increase of 8.0%. Increases

Medical Care in Idaho

Medical Care in Idaho Introduction It is important to remember the Legislature has not now nor in the past abandoned making provisions for medical care to uninsured Idahoans. Indeed, Idaho initiated a process to handle this in the early 1980’s. However, this program, Medicaid and all medical programs such as the expansion of Medicaid now

Interm Natural Resources Committee

The Interm Natural Resources Committee authorized by the Legislature in 2013 will be continuing its review of resource issues preparing a report for a presentation to the Legislature in 2015. If interested, you may continue to follow the activities of this committee online. You can see the announcements of the future meetings and attend the

HJR2 – Idaho Agency Rules Oversight

HJR2 – Idaho Agency Rules Oversight

“Regulatory Freedom” Bi-Partisan Bill Signing Ceremony March 19, 2014   (Boise) – The Idaho State House of Representatives and the Idaho State Senate held a by-partisan signing ceremony of House Joint Resolution 2, the “Regulatory Freedom” bill, on March 19, 2014 !Currently the Idaho Legislature has the statutory authority to review, approve and reject the

Daylight Savings Time

To review this issue again. Under current federal law, states have the ability to opt out of participating in daylight saving time. This means by legislative action, the clocks in Idaho would stay on the same time year round. In other words, the citizens of Idaho would not be required to adjusts clocks forward in

Educational Funding

The Legislature approved a $66 million increase in public school funding for FY 2015 that begins Jul 1, 2014. This includes: • A $1.7 billion budget; a 5.1 percent increase in state general fund spending. • $35 million for operations funding, a 12 percent increase over 2014. $13.9 million in ongoing new funding for teacher

S 1254: “Campus Carry”

S 1254: “Campus Carry”

In order to preserve and protect our right to keep and bear arms it requires a constant effort. As you are undoubtedly aware, S1254 passed the House and Senate in the 2014 Legislature and was signed by Governor Otter. The following describes why I supported S 1254. !It is currently not illegal to possess a

Idaho Health Exchange Update

Idaho Health Exchange Update

IDAHO HEALTH EXCHANGE   As we discussed, the 2013 Legislature created an Idaho based Health Exchange as part of “Obamacare” rather than deferring to a federal exchange. It would be useful for you to go to the web site for the state exchange to get an idea of how it functions. There were several

Idaho Education Statistics

Idaho Education Statistics

It is helpful to compare Idaho education with other states, particularly as we make the difficult choice on how to use our limited resources. According to the Report Card of American Education Idaho: • Is 29th overall – outperforming Oregon, Utah, California and Arizona. • Is graded B- in Education Policy; only six states have


For the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2013, FY 2014, the legislature appropriated the following dollars and percent of General Fund Revenues for education:  $1.3 Billion or 47% for Public Schools, $236.5 Million or 8.5 % for College and Universities and $143 million or 5.1% for Other Education.  An example of the several education

Idaho Health Exchange as part of PPACA, “Obamacare”

The legislation, H 248, that created an Idaho State Health exchange, passed the legislature (even though I voted against it) and was signed by the Governor.   I joined with other members of the House and proposed changes to S 1042, the governors’ original bill to create an Idaho State Health Exchange. Some of these


After extensive personal evaluation it appears to me Medicaid expansion will: Commit substantial increases in State spending in future years. Decrease available funds for other needs such as education, transportation, law enforcement. Add extensive costs to Idaho taxpayers. Impose additional federal requirements to current as well as new Idaho Medicaid participants. Provide no mechanism to

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