Issue Updates from the 2016 Session

Education The legislature began on January 11, 2016. The strengthening economy allowed the Legislature to address areas of vital interest to Idahoans such as the state’s public education system. Public schools received its second consecutive 7.4% increase in funding. The K-12 budget was increased by 7.4% and higher education received an increase of 8.0%. Increases

Interm Natural Resources Committee

The Interm Natural Resources Committee authorized by the Legislature in 2013 will be continuing its review of resource issues preparing a report for a presentation to the Legislature in 2015. If interested, you may continue to follow the activities of this committee online. You can see the announcements of the future meetings and attend the

Public Lands

Over the past few months I have received several comments regarding management of federal public land in Idaho.  As many of you know, upon statehood, the federal government transferred ownership of some land to the State of Idaho.  The Income from these state lands is to be used for the benefit of public education.  However,