2017 Week 2 Legislative Report, January 9 to January 13

The 64th Idaho Legislature opened on January 9th. The Legislature listened to the State of the State address by Govern Otter.  His primary focus was on education funding which I basically support.  The governor proposed limited tax relief.  I believe we should do more and will be involved in discussions regarding this issue.   Barbara

2017 Week 1 Legislative Report, Dec 1 and 2

December 1, 2016 the First Session of the 64th Idaho Legislature convened at 9;00 AM. After the oath of office was administered to the 70 members of the House of Representatives, Scott Bedke of Oakley was elected Speaker of the House of the 64th Idaho Legislature. The Speaker then chose the Chairmen of committees and

2016 Legislative Report–Week 2, Jan 15 – Jan 19

The committees have basically finished the rules review and are now considering legislative bills. Rule docket 11-0501-1401 governing Alcohol Beverage Control was rejected by the House Judiciary and Rules Committee.  You can see this rule here. Several Tax bills were reported out of the Revenue and Taxation Committee: H344 relating to property tax H 345

2016 Legislature Report—Week 1, January 11 – 15, 2016

The 2016 Session of the Idaho State Legislature is off to a slow but steady start. The first item of business on January 11, 2016 was the State of the State message from the Governor.   In his address, Governor Otter laid out his policy and budget proposals including increased funding for education.  You can read his

Meridian Water Works

Meridian Water Works

This was part of the great  city of meridian “go with the flow” tour. It is easy to get the idea that delivery and processing of our water just happens. This tour made it clear how much work and dedication are there for us every day.  Thanks goes to mayor de Weerd, Tom Berry and

A day in the life of a Legislator During Session

A day in the life of a Legislator During Session

Preparation for the day begins by arriving at the Capitol at approximately 7:00 AM.   At that time electronic and written mail is reviewed along with any telephone messages.  This is also time to review legislation coming before the committees and to the floor of the House. Morning Committees begin at 8:00 or 9:00.  The morning committees are:  Appropriations, Education, Health and Welfare, Revenue and Taxation, and State Affairs.  Every legislator has an assigned morning committee. The House goes into Session for floor action at 11:00 by rule unless otherwise approved by the body and finishes between 12:00 and 12:30.  Toward the end of the session, floor action will begin earlier and go later.  After calling the House to order, the order of business for the House is as follows: